Monday, September 4, 2017

More sewing patterns for sale

I have cleaned out my sewing patterns and have added lots and lots more patterns for sale.  I even have a few non-clothing sewing patterns for sale.

I also have a new price structure:

$2 for large size patterns and Out-Of-Print patterns.
$1 for all other patterns.
Minimum order is $3.

I will still only send to USA only and accept PayPal only.

Go have a look here.

...and Thanks for Looking!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Blog Maintenance

I'm in the process of cleaning out my Google online pictures.

This will probably affect some of the links on my blog.  I plan to check the links in the near future.

Please use the Contact Me section to report any blatantly broken links which you would like to see fixed sooner, rather than later.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Runaround Again

I've recently made more Runaround Bags, if by Recent I mean within the last year!

This was made for a gift exchange at work:

This was made as a gift for a friend:

This was made as a retirement gift for a friend:

This was made as a birthday gift for a sister-in-law:

Sometime along the line, I bought a pair of clip-on yellow glasses, so I had to make a case for it:

So, yeah, I'm still here!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Two Healthy Drinks

I have been known to occasionally make a warm "tea" of an evening.  I've written about it before here.  I used to call it "Creamy Turmeric Tea."  I find that it has another name: "Golden Milk."

More often lately, I've been making what my husband calls my "crazy juice."  It's a recipe called Good Girl Moonshine by Trim Healthy Mama here.

The main ingredients are vinegar and ginger.  These are excellent anti-inflammatory tonics for the body.

I shared the recipe with some friends who have painful medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.  They suggested I add turmeric and black pepper.  These are synergistic, which means the ingredients help each other work better.

The vinegar, ginger, and pepper give this drink lots of Zing!

Here's how I make my drink:

I get out a clean, dry spaghetti sauce jar.  This is the right size for my version of the recipe.

First, I add 1/8 teaspoon of stevia because that's the last thing I want to forget.

I put a few shakes of black pepper, about 1/8 teaspoon, onto a piece of paper. I roll the paper so it's "sort of" folded in half, then tap that into the jar.
I also add one capsule of turmeric and three capsules of powdered ginger.
I found that pouring vinegar into a 1.5 Tablespoon measure is really messy, but a certain shot glass measures 1.5 Tablespoons to the lower line.  I add the vinegar to the jar.
I add a little water, swirl around to stir, fill with ice, and add water almost to the top.
I drink it with a straw, stirring before each sip.

I make a jar in the morning to take with me to work, then I make another jar to sip during supper and beyond.

I highly recommend this drink.

I have yet to determine if it will help me lose weight.

A Little Sewing

Right after my last post, May 21, I finally finished a winter skirt just to get it off the table.

I finished the skirt on May 30 and took some pictures.

I used pattern McCall's 6654:

I made two layers, one skinnier than the other.  I used the long, slim version and made it based on my measurements.  I had to take it in about two inches.  I flared it out while cutting to make an outer layer.

I shortened the outer layer it with a hi-lo hem to enhance the layered effect. Here's how I cut the outer layer:

I attached the skirts to the elastic in opposite directions:

The inner layer is a very slick knit of man-made fibers.  The outer layer is a lightweight sweater knit.  Here's how it looks on the table:

Here's how it looks on me:

I put this away to save it for "winter" (in Florida, that's anything under 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

I have a big project waiting for me to work on it.  I will share when I'm done with it.